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Best Car Hire Uganda – Reliable 4×4 Car Rental & Self Drive Uganda 2024

 Best Car Hire Uganda is Uganda’s premier 4×4 car rental service offering Car rental Uganda with a driver and Self drive Uganda. We take pride in providing simple, high-quality, and safe car rental services Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi for over 6 years.

We offer both self drive car hire Uganda and 4×4 Vehicle rentals with drivers/Guides

Our team has a lot of experience arranging self-guided holiday itineraries to numerous vacation destinations, and we’re always happy to help.

Our car rental inventory consists of family vehicles, SUVs, 4WD cars, trucks, passenger vans, and minibuses with seating capacities ranging from 15 to 44 passengers, all of which are well maintained and serviced.

Despite the absence of paved roads in Uganda, our well-kept 4×4 vehicles will readily carry you on an adventure parked drive.

Rent a car for self drive in Uganda with unlimited Mileage, 24 hour road assistance and a huge discount for car hire deals exceeding 7 days/ a week.

Car Rental Uganda comes with complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off to our visitors.

Do you want to go on a self drive Uganda safari? Allow us to assist you in planning the ideal safari in Uganda, Africa’s Pearl. Allow us to obtain all of the necessary information, including gorilla permits, national park passes, and hotel reservations.

Why Best Car Hire Uganda- Best 4×4 car rental Uganda& Self drive Uganda

Best car hire Uganda has a large selection of 4×4 automobiles for hire that are well-maintained and repaired by professional mechanics on a regular basis to avoid road trip difficulties in Uganda and the surrounding areas.

Our fleet has been thoroughly inspected and checked by automobile professionals before and after each trip over our five years in this business. The staff reacts to any automotive issues that arise during the inspection and testing, making these cars ideal for a road trip across East Africa.

We have been the best in the car rental sector because of the high quality of our vehicles, the high quality of our services, and the fact that we are available 24 hours a day to meet any client demands that may arise.

All of our vehicles are fully insured against danger, and we have professionals located around the country to attend to our clients’ needs. Because of our authentic yet affordable offerings to our guests, we get good ratings.

Our cars are delivered to the airport and any other location in the country where a client desires to begin their journey, and airport pick-up is complimentary for all of our customers.

Reserve a Car rental Uganda with a driver or for self drive Uganda with Us

Car rental Uganda with a driver- Driver Hire Uganda

Car rental Uganda with a driver has recently become a popular choice among travelers due to the attractive combination of convenience, flexibility, and comfort offered by Ugandan car rental companies.

While as Self drive in Uganda is cheaper, there are many restrictions, especially on expeditions, as it is difficult to focus on two things at once, driving and exploring. We offer travelers incredible offers. You can hire a knowledgeable driver guide to make everything in Uganda look like an open book.

Car rental with a Driver-Driver hire Uganda

Self drive Uganda-4×4 Car Hire Uganda

Rent a car for self drive Uganda from Best car Hire Uganda today at the lowest rates in the country. We offer self drive Rwanda, Self drive car hire Kenya, Self drive Tanzania and Car rental in Burundi as well.

 Hire a Rav4,  Land Cruiser Prado TX, Land Cruiser V8,  Land Cruiser GX and some SUV cars  for self-drive rentals in Uganda

Clean Land cruiser Prado hire uganda-Self drive rental

Great car rental Discounts-Self Drive Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda with a driver or for self drive with Best car hire Uganda calls for great discounts especially for long term car hire deals.

Save $10 per day as you experience 5 star service from us during your self drive safari in Uganda

Above all, a traveler can state his budget and we shall state car options available at the stated budget.

Cheap self-drive rental Uganda-Prado Tx Hire Uganda

Border Crossing Car Rental Uganda-Best Car Hire Uganda

Are you interested in having a car with a driver or self drive across the borders? Look no further as we have expertise in cross country car hire.

We offer border crossing to all the East African countries. We as well offer one way car rental for example if one plans to start the trip from Uganda drive to Rwanda and may be catch a flight from Kenya, we have Drivers to drive the cars back to Uganda at very low cost. Read more

Border Crossing Car hire Uganda

One way car rental in Uganda-Best car Rental Uganda

Best Car Hire Uganda offers the traveler comfort of one way car rental. Have a Self drive Uganda or Car rental Uganda with a driver to any part of Africa

One reason to trust us with this type of car rental is our outstanding and satisfyingly reviewed experience.

Drive to Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo Republic or any other country.

Send us a car inquiry today for a car quotation.

You can also send us a message using WhatsApp +256705909976

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one way car rental-Car hire with a driver

Car Hire Insurance-Cheap Self drive Uganda

In Uganda, Third party liability Insurance is a legal requirement and is included in the paid price of all car rentals with Best Car Hire Uganda.

Third Party Liability Insurance protects you from any and all liability resulting from property damage, injury or death caused to anyone or anything outside the rental car. In addition to the Third party motor Insurance, our cars are comprehensively insured.

Both Car rental Uganda with a driver and Self drive Uganda Come with full car hire Insurance

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self drive car rental insurance in Uganda
Best service and cheapest carrental without any issues! (foreign tourist) Perfect. We - 2 german individual tourists - travelled 16 days in Uganda and both have been very happy with the carrental, it is trustworthy! It was always possible to contact Wilson and he didn't took long to answer. I had hired cars before in Kenya and Madagascar. In latter with, which had been a catastrophe compared to this one - even though it is a foreign (NL) company and present all over Africa. We though had an extremely bad experience in Madagascar, as our car had an issue every day and always had to wait for a mechanic. Plus it has been twice as expensive as this company here in Uganda. Definetly go with this one, if you are thinking about the right company. We just had some minor issues: 2 times flat tyre, fixed it twice at Shell and changed with the spare tyre in the end and one small battery issue, which was easy to fix at Shell, as well. We never broke down even though we had to drive really bad roads sometimes - e.g. Bwindi Rushaga Sector. Also, as we didn't prebook any Gorilla Trekking permits, Wilson was able to manage to get us the Gorilla Trekking permits - 2 days in advance of the trekking itself! - by rebuying them from a friend. Also, thank you for this service at no extra charges. All in all, there was nothing to complain about, our car Toyota Prado (open roof top), green, worked very well (even Aircon) and we felt safe to have this trustworthy car in even very remote areas and the national parks itself. In addition to that: - picking up the car: right at the airport with no extra charges - and drop off: at any place we wanted near Kampala (we chose a guesthouse in Entebbe) both worked perfectly fine ==> because the ATMs' at the airport didn't work, we drove to an ATM at Victoria Mall Entebbe with the driver, who brought the car to the airport, had the contract and showed us everything relevant on the car. There we were able to get the money and did the last handover. Thank you for the very uncomplicated experience! best regards and whishes for your company, Kendal
recho e
recho e
Exceptional and reliable 4x4 car rental in Uganda During the reservation, we got all the support we required from a gentleman called Wilson, we didn't get to meet him since he is at office and the car was delivered by Charles, a friendly guide who briefed us about the rental. The Prado was in excellent condition, we always had someone to talk to and I think I would rent from them a million times. Thank you best car hire Uganda for the exceptional service. Recommended a million times
Good and reasonably priced car service in Uganda We were a family of five, cruising through Uganda to go and see the National Parks and their fascinating animal life. We needn’t take a driver and Charles from Best Car hire Kampala Uganda brought us the car directly to the airport and then off we went. The car was in an acceptable shape, a Toyota Landcruiser Prado, not the newest one, but very much suited to bad roads and difficult driving conditions. Wilson from the office was quick to answer any requests we had. I can fully recommend this car rental service to anybody who wants to travel Uganda.
Bas P
Bas P
Very pleasant drive, and a great holiday We drove around with Best Car Hire Uganda. Wilson, the guy at the office was very helpful and friendly. Our driver, Dalton, drove us around the beautiful, green and super friendly Uganda. Dalton took us where we wanted to go. We had the best experience!
vanes k
vanes k
Quality Road and water experience. We trusted the company with the 4x4 vehicle reservations and boat cruise. We weren't disappointed and the service was really good. Wilson, the person who was in touch kept communication timely, helpful and supportive all thru the bookings and the trip. It was nice working with this company
Hope J
Hope J
Organised and dedicated service provided It's the second time we are renting cars with driver's for our missionary work in Uganda but we don't hesitate to recommend them. The fleet Assistants given to us were patient, they could wait for us all thru the day, Keep our bags and other property safe and they were also nice on the road. Marvelous people
Lisa B
Lisa B
Comfortable rides As a couple learning about the traditions in Uganda, we had a lovely time driving around with a reliable car. We never got any problem with the Prado for the 10 days we used it. We also got a discount from Wilson!
Shakira M
Shakira M
Highly recommend this, am a witness You definitely will need this company for a good 4x4 car in Uganda. Excellent mechanical condition, cheap car rental rates and helped much with reserving gorilla trekking permits.
sharot n
sharot n
Fast and timely 24/7 roadside assistance I got help with a dead battery in Kisoro within 15 minutes Thank you very much for all your assistance for my safe trip. Your driver was excellent. Will contact you again for my future trips. Thanks again. Thanks & Regards
Akello V
Akello V
Supportive driver We went to a community and the driver offered to be an interpreter. I honestly think it was great because the whole exercise was fun, the car was clean and didn't break down the entire time. I can gladly reserve with them
Group safaris Uganda-Missionary car rentals uganda

Group Safaris- Best Car hire Uganda

With us, you don’t have to hustle around the entire country looking for a travel partner. We organize group safaris and all you have to do is go through the itinerary, make necessary suggestions and join the rest on the trip. We have group travels in August and December every year.

Car rental Uganda with a driver is an option for couples or individuals who wish to enjoy the ride as someone else takes the wheel

Book your travel space today and join the unforgettable road trip through Uganda and the  neighboring countries.

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Best car hire Uganda-Self drive with camping gear

Best Car Hire Uganda

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