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As a car rental firm concerned about the clients knowledge before reservation, Best car hire Uganda has answered a number of common car hire questions in Uganda.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Uganda?

Renting a car ranges from $35 per day to $160 per day. The Rav4 short chassis is the most affordable car for rent in Uganda and the Land cruiser safari Jeep(extended ) is the most expensive car for hire in Uganda.

Clients seeking to hire luxury cars could pay a little more depending on car of choice

What does the car rental Rates cover?

The rates cover vehicle hire for 24 hours, delivery and pick of vehicle from Entebbe/Kampala, car insurance and 24 hour road side assistance.

Delayed return of car without notice of office calls for an additional fee of $8 per hour and therefore it is advisable to communicate when a delay of return is expected.

Are the rental cars insured?

Our entire fleet is fully insured against risks. We have comprehensive insurance plans from reputable insurance companies and travelers do not pay for risks and damages caused to the car. Please note that damages as a result of off tracking, reckless driving are not insured according to the car insurance policy.

Incase of an accident, Please inform the police, take as many supportive photos as possible and do not leave the scene before informing us.

What is the driving time in Uganda?

Renters/drivers are advised to drive from 6:00AM up to 7:00PM and cautioned not to drive in the dark. This is for both their security and the car.

In situations where you have to drive till late in the night, please inform us thru an email or by Tel/WhatsApp +256705909976.

What is the driving speed in Uganda?

Driving speed on a highway is 80 Km/hr. and 40km/ Hr. in an urban center of busy town. Driving at excess speed calls for traffic fines and they are to be paid by the renter and not Best Car Hire Uganda.

What if the vehicle breaks down?

This is a very rare occurrence as our cars are maintained really well but in case it happens kindly reach out to us. Our rental company has a region wide team of technical people who will reach out to you and fix the car as early as possible.

In case the car can not be fixed, another car will be sent to you in less than 24 hours to allow you continue with your road trip. Please note that punctured tires, empty fuel tanks, loss of car keys or locked key inside the car do not constitute to breakdown.

Are there road tolls in Uganda?

Currently, there is one road that has tolls and the Entebbe Express way. This is paid by the renter and not the company.

Whom should I way in Uganda/East Africa?

While driving your rental car in East Africa, you need to give way to The Presidential convoy, ambulances and Police cars with an active siren.

Who pays the parking fines?

Parking fines are paid by the renter and not Best Car Hire Uganda.

What Driving License is allowed to drive in Uganda?

According to the Uganda road and safety act, an international drivers license is required for foreign residents to drive in Uganda.

One can use a home driving license to drive in Uganda for a period of 90 days for which you will be required to acquire a local driving permit.

Can I cross the border with a rental car?

Border crossing is allowed at Best car hire Uganda. The renter needs to be specific while renting a car so that we suggest suitable cars. While crossing the border, you need COMESA insurance and this is covered for by the renter.

Our cars do not cross to Congo and South Sudan.

What car can I hire in Uganda?

You can rent a Rav4, Land cruiser Prado Tx, Land cruiser V8, Land Cruiser GX, safari Van, Family super custom van, Toyota safari Jeep Extended, Toyota Wish, Toyota Harrier and a Toyota Hilux truck.

These cars are available with a driver and for self drive.

car hire questions in Uganda

Rav 4 new model in Uganda-car hire questions in Uganda


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