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Fleet of Cars for Hire in Uganda – Best Car Hire Uganda

Are you asking yourself questions like; which car rental company has the best rates? Best car hire Uganda offers a wide range of durable cars that include Toyota Land cruiser Prado with pop up roof, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Land cruiser V8, Toyota Gx, Super custom, Nissan Safari, and mini-Vans. See our reviews from travelers who have reserved cars with us Here

Rav 4 short chassis (3 doors) US$35

Cheap Rav4 short Chassis hire in Uganda

This compact crossover SUV is available at a fee ranging from US $35 per day and it’s best recommended for 1-2 people with their luggage. It’s reliably strong for the Ugandan road making it a good option for a self-drive safari to all the parks in the country. This car is air conditioned, has a petrol engine, FM radio, automatic transmission and has relatively low fuel consumption

Rav 4 Long chassis. 5 doors (US $45)

Rav 4 hire in Uganda-Rav4 rental Uganda

This is a budget friendly SUV vehicle offered by Best car hire Uganda and it’s available in automatic Transmission. RAV4 is a best good choice of car for self-drive safari in Uganda as well as other nearby countries like Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania offered at the best rates on the car hire market.
Its available in automatic transmission, 4wd full time, with a Petrol engine, air conditioned, FM radio, Aux, CD player and it has low fuel consumption

Land cruiser Prado pop up roof US$ 70

Tx with Pop up roof-4x4 Kigali Kampala car rental

Best car hire Uganda has a number of Toyota Land cruiser Prados available with 1kz diesel engine 3.0 turbo and petrol engine 2700cc as well as petrol engine 3340cc engine. We have them in both manual and automatic transmission, fully air conditioned with a spacious pop-up roof which makes game viewing and photographing excellent while on your holiday in Uganda and our nearby countries

Fleet in Field

Pop up land cruiser V8 US$90

Land Cruiser V8 Hire in Uganda-Land cruiser V8 rental Uganda

This Land cruiser v8 has been customized with a pop-up roof making it a good option for your safari. With this car, you are guaranteed of excellent photography and outstanding game viewing experience. It has a petrol engine 4770cc, air conditioned, automatic transmission, model 2008, proven road stability and its recommended 2-5 people. The V8 is among our strongest cars on the fleet and it can drive you anywhere in Africa.

Pop up Land cruiser VX/GX US$80

Gx hire Uganda

This is a perfect choice self-drive car for a safari in Uganda and to the neighboring countries. We have it in both manual and automatic transmissions with a 1HZ diesel engine. Like all other cars on our fleet, the GX/VX is fully air conditioned, insured and available on unlimited mileage.

9-Seater mini-van US$80

safari van hire Uganda

Best car hire Uganda has Toyota HiAce van and Toyota super custom available in both automatic and manual transmission, air conditioned with pop up roof making it fit for game viewing and photography on your safari. Its suitable for groups and family road trips in Uganda and beyond. All our vans have raised suspension enabling them to drive to all locations in East Africa.

2 pax roof top tent US$95

Land Cruiser V8 with rooftop Tent

Best car hire Uganda offers Toyota land cruiser v8 and Land cruiser Prado with double roof top tents that can accommodate 2 persons. They come with comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage, 24-hour road assistance in case need arises and full camping gear. This comes at the best rental fee of US$95and it’s the best rate in the industry at the moment.

Double roof top tents US$90

2 prados with rooftop tent

We offer Toyota Land cruisers with two roof top tents and it’s recommended for families or a group of about 5 persons. Cars on our fleet that are recommended for this activity include land cruiser hard top, GX, V8 and Nissan safari/patrol. This also is available at a friendly cost of US$90 a day.

Family rooftop tent US$95

Gx with rooftop tent-camping gear for hire in Uganda

Incase it’s a family coming to visit, we have tents that can accommodate our guests who would love to do road trip camping around Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. This can be done with our strong and durable 4*4 Land cruisers with a family roof top tent that shelters 4 persons, water resistant and it’s offered with full camping gear, cooking set and a fridge for a good stay during the road trip.

7-seater family Land cruiser US$180

7 seater safari jeep hire Uganda

This land cruiser is 4*4, has a hard top and its extended making it suitable to drive up to 7 persons on board for a road trip in East Africa and beyond. This land cruiser comes with a driver, it is air conditioned, comes with a fridge and unlimited mileage. This option is suitable for group tours and family tours.

5-seater family/group land cruiser US$160

Land Cruiser Hardtop hire Uganda

This 4*4 Land cruiser has 6 window seats including the driver. It is comprehensively insured, air conditioned with a hard pop-up roof for outstanding game viewing and photographing. This monster Land cruiser is available in excellent mechanical condition, customized and luxurious interior making the safari a comfortable one. It’s recommended for 5 persons


Best Car Hire Uganda

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