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Land Cruiser V8 rental Uganda is a among the best mid range car rental choices in Uganda. Designed by Toyota Group in Japan, the Land cruiser V8 is a semi luxury durable car that safari lovers in Uganda have always rented for their self drive road trips or car rental with a driver.

Land cruiser V8 rental Uganda-Land cruiser self drive Uganda.

Best car hire Uganda, a five star rental agency offers Land cruiser V8 rental both Self drive and with drivers/guides. They are common with Automatic transmission, 4×4 gear/drive, neat interior and offer guaranteed durability on the relatively poor road terrains.

The raised suspensions of the land cruiser V8 make it a perfect choice for self drive safaris and the level of fuel efficiency is noticeable amongst the land cruiser family in Uganda.

Renting a Land Cruiser V8 costs $85 for self drive and $100 with a driver guide. Kindly note that the rate includes comprehensive Insurance, roadside assistance and free delivery within Kampala and Entebbe.

The V8 Land cruiser is available with and without Pop up roof depending on availability. Some of the Land Cruiser V8 rental Uganda fleet comes with a sunroof opening to enhance photography and game Viewing.

FAQs-Land Cruiser V8 rental Uganda

How much is renting a Land Cruiser V8 in Uganda?

Hiring the V8 Land cruiser in Uganda cost $85 for self drive hire and $100 with a driver or guide. The rates could go lower for rentals exceeding fourteen days. These rates do not include Fuel and travel insurance.

Is the Land cruiser V8 available for Self drive in Uganda?

Land Cruiser V8 hire is available for self drive at the lowest rate of $85 per day. Car hire with a driver is also available with Best Car hire Uganda.

To rent a Land cruiser V8 for self drive, Kindly contact us by Email or by WhatsApp +256705909976

How many people can a Land cruiser V8 carry?

The Land Cruiser comfortably seats up to 4 persons. It has four window seats and sufficient luggage space for the passengers.

What car rental options are cheaper than the Land cruiser V8?

Best car hire Uganda offers a number of car rental options namely the Toyota Wish, the Rav4, The Super custom, safari van and The land Cruiser Prado

Land cruiser V8 rental Uganda-Land cruiser self drive Uganda
Land cruiser V8 rental Uganda


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