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Mgahinga National Park is Uganda’s  smallest  Park yet an attractive place every tourist should visit while on a safari in Uganda. Its approximately 33.7km2, located in the South western part of Uganda.

Mgahinga covers the northern slopes of the three Northmost Virunga volcanoes: Mt Muhavura, Mt Gahinga and Mt Sabinyo.Gorilla trekking permits Uganda-Mgahinga National Park

Its located South of Kisoro town approximately 10 km from Kisoro Business center and it borders Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda in the south as well as Virunga National park of Democratic Republic of  Congo in the west

Mgahinga National  Park is part of the Virunga conservation area (about 433.9 sq. Km) that spreads over to Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo


Activities to do while at Mgahinga National Park include:

Birding, Batwa Trail, Golden Monkey tracking, mountain climbing, Mount Muhabwa hike, Nature walks and a lot more.


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