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Safaris in Uganda

Safari in Uganda- Affordable safaris in Uganda

One way of spending your vacation, holiday, honey moon, group retreat or any form of adventure is having a safari in Uganda.  Safaris in Uganda can be company tailored, self tailored or both

Company tailored Safaris usually have the itinerary designed by the tour and travel company and with these the guest will only have to pay and wait for the fun around the designed destinations.

The advantage with the company tailored safari is that the traveler is sure that the places to visit and the activities have been tested by previous travelers making them ideal for the trip.

The other advantage with company tailored safari is that the guest/traveler does not have to do much research about the places to visit, accommodation or stress about wild life permits. This is covered by the tour and travel agency that you are dealing with.

The disadvantage with this type of safari is that you will have to play b y their schedule as it offers less power to be flexible about the itinerary.

Most of the company tailored safaris cover wildlife adventures and are usually cheaper compared to customer tailored safaris

Self tailored safaris on the other hand are designed by the guest/traveler. The traveler does the research. Designs the itinerary and only contacts the tour and travel agency for services like car hire, Assistance in hotel bookings, Gorilla trekking permits and other forms of reservations to be made.

The advantage with this is that the traveler has full power to decide what to and what not to include on the itinerary. Identifying your itinerary also saves you the involvement in activities that you don’t really need to or those that you could have done in one of the previous safaris.

It is however possible for a traveler to discuss and adjust the itinerary. Best safaris in Uganda are those that have been designed by the service provider and the client.

Tour and travel companies in Uganda value the clients and are very flexible.

Forms of safari- best safaris in Uganda

There are different forms of safaris that one can have In Uganda namely wildlife safaris, water safaris, music safari, food safaris and cultural safaris. It is however important to note that one can have all of them in one package. You just need to engage your service provider about your preferences and you will have a wonderful experience in Uganda.

Wildlife safari

These are the commonest and probably the most fun packed. According to the Uganda Wildlife authority, Uganda has ten safari parks namely Mburo, Bwindi, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, semliki, Kidepo Valley, Murchison falls, Mgahinga , Mount Elgon and Rwenzori Mountains. The rift valley landscapes and tropical forests make dramatic backdrops to extensive variety of flora and fauna.

These parks have variety of wildlife species and recently Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, bird watching have been the most done activities in Uganda.

Water Safari

Uganda has a number of water bodies and most notably the source of the longest river in Africa, River Nile. Travelers who have been to Ugandan safaris seem to enjoy the water safari. This has been attributed to the different water activities namely kayaking, rafting, tubing, bungee jumping, fishing, boat cruises and many more. The water safaris are not as expensive and can be done from one geographic location making them a good choice if you don’t want to spend much time on the road. Bird watching is also done during the water safari

Music Safari

We all love the Music and that’s why the recent times have had an increasing number of people coming to do music safari in Uganda. The Nyege-Nyege festival is among the activities that have exposed the country to the world as a reliable source of unique sounds and interesting melodies. Uganda also had a vibrant night life and the security isn’t relative to a war zone making it a good spot to enjoy your music safari.

Food safari

Now this is for nutritionists and other individuals who love food. Uganda has had very many guests coming to try out the food. This is not basically just eating as activities tend to stand with the harvesting, preparation, interactions and then the meal hour comes in . Different cultures have different staple foods and of course different methods of preparing the food. You will need to visit the central, western, eastern and the northern parts of the country if you are to have an ideal food safari. This can be accompanied with other activities like wildlife tours, music tours and the culture experience as weel.

Cultural safari

Humanity all over the world has appreciated the value of culture and modern times have advocated for cultural diversity in work places and communities. This makes a cultural safari a relevant activity to consider during your vacation. This can also be combined to other forms of safaris mentioned above.

Please note that in order to have a good safari in Uganda; you need to combine all the forms of safaris.


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