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 Sipi waterfalls Uganda-Sipi Falls car hire

The falls are about 45 kilometers from Mbale along a well-paved road near Sipi, a minor market area at a height of 1,775 meters on the mountain’s northeastern foothills.

The 99-meter-high Sipi Falls, the third of three waterfalls generated by the Sipi River as it flows downstream from Mount Elgon’s upper slopes into the Kyoga Basin, may be seen from the village

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About Sipi Falls Uganda-Sipi Falls car hire

A trio of waterfalls are separated by rocky hillsides in Kapchorwa, close the Kenyan border.

The world’s largest and tallest waterfall, with a height of 95 meters, produces a breathtaking and spectacular landscape.
In the Sipi Falls area, locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee is particularly popular.

Bugisu Arabica is only found between the elevations of 1,600 and 1,900 meters above sea level.

Coffee tours are led by professionals with extensive knowledge of coffee production, processing, and roasting.

Profits are donated to local charities.

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Activities at Sipi Falls Uganda-Sipi Falls car hire

Climbing Mount Elgon, hiking, bird watching, cave explorations, cave painting tours, and camping are just a few of the nearby activities

The Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga, and Mount Elgon’s slopes may all be seen from the trails that surround the falls. Individuals can schedule tours through the Uganda Wildlife Authority or through local private operators.

Hikers and visitors can see enormous banana and coffee plantations around the waterways, as well as interact with local Bagisu and Sabiny people, thanks to tunnels and walkways surrounding the falls.

Car Hire To sipi falls Uganda

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