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Car rental to Kidepo- About kidepo National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is in the Kaabong District of North-eastern Uganda, near Karenga. The park is located about 220 kilometers Northwest of Moroto, the sub-region’s largest town. It is located approximately  320 miles northeast of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

The park’s northern boundary runs alongside the international border with Bira, South Sudan, and abuts the Kidepo Game Reserve.

Elephants at Murchison

Car Hire to Kidepo National Park- Car rental to Kidepo.

Best Car Hire Uganda offers Car rental to Kidepo National Park. We have a number of reliable 4×4 cars suitable for this kind of roadtrip to the beautiful Kidepo National Park.

The road trip to kidepo valley needs a well maintained 4×4 car due to the nature of the roads in Kaabong District. This is why we have Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Tx, V8, Gx, Toyota Super custom and Toyota Land Cruiser Safari Jeep available for hire to this national Park.

kindly note that we don’t offer Toyota Rav 4 hire to Travelers going to Kidepo because of the nature of roads and previous experiences over the years.

Activities-things to do during your visit to Kidepo


Kidepo National Park is considered one of the best birding destinations in Uganda. It is estimated to have about 300 bird species that can be viewed during the game drives. Birds can be seen at the water bodies inside the park mostly at the Apoka Rest camp. This is because the water source at the camp attracts more bird species compared to the other water bodies in the park.

Game drives

Game drives are undoubtedly the most interesting activities a guest to the park would not dare miss. This is because of the eye catching scenery in the park with about 300 bird species, 87 mammal species and a number of experienced park guides. The animal species can be seen from the different game tracks in the park and game drives in this park are done through out the year.

Cultural encounters

Along the boarders of Kidepo National Park, there are a number of different cultural groups one should visit as a topper to the safari. The Karimajong Community is the most dominant around this region.


While at Kidepo, it is important to add Hiking on your activity list. This has been among the most rewarding activities in the Kidepo Valley National Park. There are a number of mountains that have Hiking but over the years, Mt. Lonyili has been appreciated more for this specific activity.

Going to Kidepo soon? Kindly book a car rental with us today at the best rates.


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