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Missionary Car rental Uganda is the recent innovation in the car hire industry. With growing numbers of travelers coming to the country to spread the gospel, travel agencies including Best Car Hire Uganda have designed a special travel package that puts into consideration of the needs of the Missionaries.

The Missionary Car rental package comes with fast service, price cuts and traveler friendly policies.

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Why Rent a car-Missionary car rental Uganda


Car rental during missionary work comes with unlimited convenience since you don’t have to stand by the roadside waiting for a taxi, Boda boda or pick up. with a car rental you can travel conveniently and on time.

With a car rental you wont need to have garage expenses, insurance and other maintenance costs.

Cost Friendly.

Car hire during your missionary time in Uganda will help you save cost of transporting; transporting your team and  items like reading materials or any other carry along on extra cost since you will have a car and you can ride along with them.

According to stories, very many missionaries have been cheated while using Public transport, with a car rental you wont be cheated since you determine the amount of gas you need for your work.


Having a car for your missionary work in Uganda is security in a way or the other since you have back up from the travel agency or the car rental company.  We have had cases where Car rental agencies have rescued travelers from hostile situations

Who can hire a car- Missionary car rental Uganda

A legally mature individual of any faith with a valid driving permit can hire a car from our car rental company.

Cars available- missionary car hire Uganda

We have Toyota Rav 4, Toyota land cruiser Prado Tx, Toyota Land Cruiser Gx, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Toyota Super custom, Mini Bus/Coaster and Toyota Hilux double cabin available for this type of car rental. See more options here

Are you coming to Uganda for missionary work? Best Car hire Uganda offers you the best car rental deals with great discounts on long term car rental. kindly contact us by mail telephone +256705909976


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